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600ft Super/Standard 8mm Cine Film Transfer

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 (A 600ft cine reel is approx. 8 inches in diameter and plays for approx. 45 minutes). Due to the limitations of the equipment used, 600ft reels are cut to fit smaller reels then - after conversion - are re-spliced back together again.

Receive your conversion(s), on DVD, Blue Ray and/or via secure digital download, in a format of your choice (silent cine films only)

Flicker cine film transfer to DVD, Blu Ray, and/or digital format, using specialist HD conversion equipment – not merely pointing a projector at a screen.

Your purchase will include:

  1. 8mm cine film transfer to Blu Ray or DVD (if ordered) containing your precious memories, PLUS:

  2. Secure HD (1920 x 1080) digital download of your footage from Dropbox®. 

  3. If you have ordered the DVD or Blu Ray outputs then you will have the additional option to download the ISO/DVD image file(s) as backup - just in case you lose or damage your disc(s).

How it works:

  1. You send me your cine films (recorded delivery is recommended). 

  2. I clean and convert your films and – where necessary – *splice/repair them.

  3. The conversion is then uploaded to to Dropbox® where you can view and/or download the file.

  4. If you have ordered DVD or Blu Ray output then your memories are also transferred to disc and despatched to you, together with your returned film(s), via signed for second class mail. 

*Film repair is subject to a reasonable level (i.e. 2/3 splices are allowed for free of charge).

An additional, digital, copy can help in - at least - three ways:

  1. You have a back up of your memories (but always back up your computer too).

  2. It’s in HD – better quality than the DVD.

  3. If you want to share your footage with loved ones, simply forward the Dropbox® link to them. This potentially saves costs associated with additional DVDs and/or postage/airmail.

    Did you know that storing your old cine films “safely” in your loft, cupboard or shoebox may not be as safe as you think?

    As each year passes, those treasured memories are breaking down and becoming brittle; some may even be subject to fungus. Even if you have previously had them transferred to “trusty” tape or DVD then the chances are that even these formats are subject to scratches and breakdown/breakage, resulting in permanently losing this precious footage.

    Things you should know and other useful information:

    1. I do not transfer copyrighted material – feature films etc. You must be the owner, or have permission from the copyright owner, of the material which you send.

    2. I strongly recommend you send all films to me by recorded or registered post. I cannot be held liable for any loss or damage in transit.

    3. If you experience any difficulty in connection with the service, or require any after sales assistance, then please let me know – I am always here to help.

    4. Please allow up to 21 days for delivery - especially during busy times of the year.
    5. I will need your email address; please include this with your material if it is different to the email address which you are quoting in the order confirmation.

    6. All services are subject to my terms and conditions (opens in a separate tab).

    7. Download time of your digital files will depend upon your own internet connection speed.

    8. If you do not want your footage residing in the cloud then please let me know whereupon I will restrict the transfer to a DVD only.

    9. I return material to my customers using second class (signed for) post; if you require your items to be returned using an alternative method then please let me know whereupon I will invoice you for the appropriate service.

    10. Finally; always back up your precious memories once you have downloaded them. Nothing is infallible.

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