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Q: What does "SP" and "LP" mean in your listings?

A: SP stands for "standard" or "short" play; this is the default speed of all tape based camcorders and video recorders/players. Some cameras and VCRs have an LP record option; this is a slower recording speed (incidentally resulting in lower quality footage) which effectively doubles the capacity of the tape being used (e.g. a 60 minute - 1 hour -  tape becomes 120 minutes - 2 hours).

Q: How long does my footage remain in the cloud/"Livedrive"?

A: By default, your files will remain in the cloud for at least 6 months from the date of upload which gives you plenty of time to repeatedly download your footage. The files are generally, automatically, deleted once the 6 month period has elapsed.

Q: Do you crop converted cine footage?

A: The footage itself would have been shot within a frame very close to 4:3 ratio (similar to the older style TVs); when it is converted it will occupy a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (and 720 x 576 for the DVD). I do my best to preserve the top and bottom of the frame and I "smooth" the edges so that a nice straight line exists on the left and right of the picture. This is known as cropping but it is extremely rare for the sides being cropped by any more than 10 pixels left and right; basically, the viewer shouldn't notice this and - instead - admire a more "tidy" presentation. Of course, because the original footage has a lower aspect ratio, there will be black banding either side of the captured frame.

Q: How many people can I share my Livedrive files with?

A: As many as you want; all I need is their email address whereupon I send them an invitation to visit your folder on Livedrive. Each invitee has their own username and password. Additional users can be located anywhere in the world provided that they have internet access with no government or local restrictions. There is no additional charge for adding additional invitees.

Q: My footage is private - how safe is it in the cloud ("Livedrive")?

A: This is a fully understandable concern. Your Livedrive area is password protected and only you know the password; the obvious answer is never disclose this password to anyone. However, if you have severe reservations about your private material being online then you can elect to have the DVD only; just let me know once you have placed your order. If you ever suspect that your Livedrive area has been compromised then please let me know straight away so that I can remove and reinstate access to you.

Q: Do you put backing music onto converted cine films?

A: No - believe me, you will soon get bored or frustrated with royalty free music which will, often, not fit the mood or the scene being shown. I would, instead, recommend that you put some of your own music on your HiFi or playlist whilst watching. If particular production music is desired for your footage then this would attract a copyright fee of around £16.00.

Q: My question isn't listed here.

A: Please contact me with your enquiry and I will do my best to help you.