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"With you all the way". Professional and conscientious wedding video filming services throughout Wiltshire and beyond. Full consultation takes place with the client(s) and the venue(s) prior to the event. A minimum of two camera placements are utilised. Additional sound recording equipment is also often used.


Flicker free cine transfer and tape transfer services to digital format and/or DVD; not just pointing a projector at a screen. I possess specialist equipment, imported from the USA - for cine transfers, which delivers bright, flicker free digital footage available for secure digital download and/or copying to DVD/Blu Ray. For tape conversion, I use a Canopus ADVC110, which not only offers maximum digital potential but also ensures audio alignment with your footage.


Corporate training, stage performances, community and musical events; I have participated in the production of corporate mentoring and wedding videos in somerset. I continue to be actively involved in community and art projects throughout the county. I am proud to be be able to contribute to these vital areas and often enjoy the participation that ensues.


With over 30 years experience, originally equipped with a silent 8mm cine film camera, I have acquired a reputation of delivering high quality wedding video in somerset for married couples, special birthdays and other life events, corporate pieces, community efforts and amateur stage performances.


With this vast experience behind me, coupled with the latest hardware and video editing software especially for wedding videos (Apple's Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Adobe's Premiere Pro), I am well placed to diligently and dutifully carry out whatever task I am assigned to - often exceeding client expectations. Feedback, in relation to all types of work carried out by me, remains consistently high.