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Photographic Transfer

Your precious memories - hidden away in their wallets, perhaps in a cupboard or in an old suitcase up in the attic - can be revived again, simply by having them digitised.

We are able to scan photos, slides and negatives (including 35mm, 110 Instamatic, 126 Instamatic, 127 images and Disc Camera), at a resolution to suit you, at competitive pricing, free return postage for all orders over £40.00, and generous discounts for any orders totalling over £50.00.

All scans are uploaded to a cloud area, dedicated to you, where you can view, download and share with whomever you choose; your cloud area is accessible for at least six months from the date of upload.

To get an idea of what we can provide for you, click here (opens in a new tab) to visit our sample area in the cloud - then select the folder corresponding to the format applicable to you.