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Camcorder tape Transfer Services

Enjoy analogue to digital and DVD transfer of your old camcorder tapes. Formats covered are; Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, VHS-C, Mini DV and Micro MV.

Discounts available for all orders over £50.00 - click here for further details.

Free shipping on all orders above £40.00 (applies to UK domestic addresses only).

Free ISO/DVD image files as backup - just in case you lose or damage your DVD(s).

Relive your memories, and share them with loved ones anywhere in the world - via Google Drive® - without incurring postal and airmail costs. 

If you are unsure of how much recording you have on each tape (or prefer not to purchase online) then simply familiarise yourself with our pricing and send your material to us - via signed for delivery, enclosing your full contact details - including your email address; we will then transfer your footage and invoice you once the process is complete. Discounts will be added to all qualifying orders automatically.